Upcoming Tournaments

14th Israeli Scrabble Open – 17.2.23-19.2.23

The Tel Aviv Scrabble club is proud to announce the 14th Israeli Scrabble Open. After the great success of the 13th Open, we are ready to kick off the 14th!

The tournament will be at the Z.O.A house, 1 Daniel Frisch street, Tel-Aviv.

Registration fee: NIS400. email Evan Cohen at evangarycohen@gmail.com in order to register.

Prize fund: A minimum of 2000 Euros (based on 30 participants). Fewer or more than 30 participants may affect the prize fund.

Rules: WESPA rules version 4, CSW19.

Format: 22 games, Chew pairings throughout.


Friday, 17.2.2023Saturday, 18.2.2023Sunday, 19.2.2023
12:00-13:00Registration9:00-13:00Games 6-9 (4)9:00-13:00Games 15-18 (4)
13:00-13:15Opening Words13:00-14:00Break13:00-14:00Break
13:15-16:15Games 1-3 (3)14:00-16:00Games 10-11 (2)14:00-18:00Games 19-22 (4)
16:15-16:30Break16:00-16:15Break18:15-18:30Closing Ceremony
16:30-18:30Games 4-5 (2)16:15-19:15Games 12-14 (3) See you next year!