Last Week

Season 47- Week 06- 20.03.23

There were 21 of us present last week. Welcome, all!

Standings: In Aardvark, there were seven shifts. Omri and Josh switched positions. There were several other small shifts, nothing too consequential. In Madoqua, Jonathan S. takes the top slot as the absent Michel slips into second. There were nine shifts overall, and the biggest climber was Natalie, up two into 5th. In Zyzzyva, there were five shifts. Gila S. was the biggest climber, up two into 2nd.

Scores: David had his best ever score, and second-highest score in our little club‚Äôs history ‚Äď a whopping 675! He also had his best ever triple, the fifth-highest in our club‚Äôs history (1611!),  Well done. No other records were broken. There were also two 500+ (Gila B., Omri), one 1600+ triple (David), one 1500+ (Omri), one 1300+ (Josh), and two 1200+ (Phyllis, Gila B.). Not bad!

WWW: Omri

High Scores:

Aardvark: David 675 ; Omri 527

Madoqua: Gila B. 527 ; Phyllis 452

Zyzzyva: Allan 396 ; Gila S. 359

High Triples:

Aardvark: David 1611 ; Omri 1517

Madoqua: Phyllis 1244 ; Gila B. 1234

Zyzzyva: Gila S. 955 ; Allan 940

Player of the Week: Omri had another great week, winning all his games and scoring nicely. But the award is David’s. Winning two of his three games, but scoring wonderfully, with a 675 and a 1611 triple, David is Player of the Week. Well done!

Total Bingos: 52

Word of the Week: —

Runner-up: PROFFER (Gail), ABANDONS (Josh), ORDINAR (Omri)

Name              WORD

Allan               DIVIDES        TRITONE

Angela            GRANGES    RULINGS

Anne               RELIVES

David              SATINET       ETAGERES   SILVERER    RANTING     SOAPING            ENTRAILS       PENATES     

Evan               WORRIES     ADENINE      BROWSER    CRAZIER            PINASTER

Gail                PROFFER     MENIALS     

Gila B.            DRAFTER     DIRTIES        AGONIZED  AUNTERS

Joel                 ENTERING   SEXTAIN      INTERIOR   

Josh                PARADES      FONDEST     ENTRAINS    MARINATE            ELOINERS    ABANDONS     STIFLED

Linda              TAILERS       SEATING

Natalie            CREDITS      

Omri              SPURIAE       AIRTHED      LOSSIER       DRANTED            ENTERING   GREYEST        TRIOSES       ORDINAR     ANOETIC

Phyllis            SALTIES       TRENAIL      TANKIES      AEGISES

Ron                 SITTING

Sharon            GOODIES     RECLINE